Top 10 Natural Hair Styles

Top 10 Natural Hair Styles

Women are known to be very keen when it comes to fashion, especially with their hair. Having natural hair styles would seem to be a great idea because it helps the natural beauty of a person come out. The negative side of having a complicated and unnatural hairstyle, like braids, is the fact that it immediately gets the attention of other people. The hair should only be the crowning glory of a woman and amplify her beauty, and not be the center of attraction. To help you with what hair style fits you, we compiled the top 10 natural hair styles that we have found on the internet.


1. Natural Straight Hair Style
This is the most common hair style that women use. There’s nothing special that needs to be done. All you have to do is let your hair down, and take a look at what natural hair style means.



2. Amazing Braid
With this beautiful hair style, everyone will be asking you how you did it. This is done by having a long thin braid form the edge of the hair’s top layer and flows across the forehead going to the middle part of the other side. This hair style is based on the French braid technique but has only one side that’s braided. This might be complicated but with practice, this hair style can be perfected. The result is a hair style that’s unique and stunning, which brings out the beauty of a long, sleek hair.



3. Curly Layered Hair Style
This hair style is a long layered look with bangs for those girls with wavy hair. This is obtained by dividing the hair into two and having bangs upfront. Majority of the length is layered and styled so that the hair’s natural wave will be maximized.



4. Clean Lines and Texture
The top part of this long straight hair reminds us of the beautiful bob with thick and broad bangs. However, the length of the hair style gives a whole new look. A surprise element of this hair style is the asymmetry, with one side longer than the other. Hair colors are also different which gives the hair style an added kick.



5. Bun Hairstyle
A bun, also known as a bobtail, is a typical hair style worn by women, wherein the hair is pulled back from the face, either twisted or plated, and wrapped in a circular coil, usually on the back of the neck or head.



6. Short Hair Curls
This is a usual hair style for black women, especially those who are born with short hair. This is quite an effortless hairstyle because the woman doesn’t need to do anything since it is all natural.



7. Afro Hair Style
This is another natural hair style mostly for black women. This hair style depends on the type of hair a person has. The afro hair style is the platform for braided hair styles.



8. Ponytail
The ponytail is one of the most common natural hair styles for women. Many use this hair style because it’s simple, yet elegant. You can have this hair style by simply pulling your hair towards the back of your head and tie them together.



9. Falling Below the Shoulders
This hair style is as natural as it can get. The length of the hair style and the brownish color gives the person more beauty. All you have to do is brush your hair with your hand, and you’ll have that natural look.



10. Boy Cut
For women who want to have a whole new but still natural look, going for a boy cut hair style would be a great idea. This style gives the person a fresh and whole new look. Try this hair style, and I tell you, other people will have their eyes pop out. Or choose to have no hair and use one of these hair removal creams for a slik and smooth skin;)



In addition to having a natural hair style, it is also essential to learn some homemade beauty tips and fashion tricks to have an overall sense of fashion. Having natural hair styles can never get you into trouble. Most men usually prefer women who have simple, natural, and beautiful hair styles. In my own opinion, there’s no need for those complicated hair styles. After all, what’s important is the way you carry yourself in public and around people.

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