Different types of Wedding Hairstyles

Different types of Wedding Hairstyles

When it comes to getting married or going to a wedding having a fantastic wedding hairstyle is a must. Even as the guest of honor or a bridesmaid it is important to have an amazing up-do, or a Boho down-do. You can go with something simple like keeping your hair down or putting it in a low bun and by adding a tiara or a brightly colored and bejeweled hair pin or you can even go with something that is beyond breath taking and takes a long time to conquer such as a twisted crown or a head of curls. With a little practice you can pull off anything you desire, maybe even in the process take one of the wedding hairstyles trends for 2014 and put your own spin on it to make it more unique. 

Top Wedding Hairstyles Trends for 2014

Braids tend to be taking a huge sweep in the wedding hairstyle of choice, letting woman realize that they are not just good looking on a casual day. With braids you can really look dressed-up and super glamorous. Either with one long and simple braid or several small and thin braids that are woven into one big braid or into a braid crown.

Adding accessories into the hair seems to be just as popular as well, and it adds so much flare in just a small amount of time. You can braid in flowers or wear a tiara or a head wrap that has jewels on it. With using accessories there is no limitations to it, depending on them the theme and if you are the bride or a guest you can go all out with tons of decorations in your hair or just something simple with a small hair pin that has a jewel or a flower on it.

Up-Dos tend to be planned on being used a lot in 2014 as a stylish hairstyle for a bride or as a party of the wedding party. This can be anything from a messy looking bun to a curled bun with long ringlets. No matter the look you are going for, each hairstyle will provide the wow factor you are looking for.

Wedding Hairstyle Wrap-Up

Each trend when it comes to the wedding hairstyles of 2016 are all guaranteed to add glitz and glam to whoever tries one of the looks out. You can obviously select from a larger selection of hairstyles but in the end, it’s all about what YOU what to do with your hair. For guys there is a whole other list of hairstyle inspirations and examples here. And it does not matter the theme of the wedding or what your role is in the wedding, each wedding hairstyle is appropriate as well as easy to create whether you are doing it to yourself or helping someone else out with the hair do. Just remember to have fun while you are getting yourself all dolled up for the big day during the morning and maybe try out one or two of the wedding hairstyles a couple of times before you choose which one you want, and so you know exactly how to do that hairstyle so you will be sure to not mess it up one your big day.

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