80s Style: Fashion Flashback and Inspiration

80s Style: Fashion Flashback and Inspiration

After the 70s Fashion, the 80s Style came into the picture. This generation was highlighted by cool styles of clothing, unique watches and mens accessories. Because there were a lot of noticeable fashion styles that emerged during the 80s, we picked out five and placed them here on our website for you to look at. Here they are.


Members Only Jackets
If you were raised during the 80s, only two things would be possible: you either had a Members Only Jacket or you were a complete and total outcast when it comes to fashion. These jackets were first introduced in 1981 and came in various colors.

 members-only-jackets-screenshot-4 members-only-jackets-screenshot-3 members-only-jackets-screenshot-2 members-only-jackets-screenshot-1


Shoulder Pads
Shoulder Pads are a type of fabric-covered padding which were usually used for men’s clothing to give the one wearing it the illusion of having broader and less sloping shoulders. So by this time, you might be wondering what’s the use of shoulder pads for women. Well, they say that during the 1980s, women in the workplace were no longer the typical ones and wanted to “power dress’ to show society that they were equal with men.

 shoulder-pads-screenshot-1 shoulder-pads-screenshot-2 shoulder-pads-screenshot-3 shoulder-pads-screenshot-4


Acid Wash Jeans
Acid Wash Jeans became popular during the mid and late 1980s. Acid washing jeans involved the process of stripping off the top layer’s color, which leaves the white fabric exposed. The color of the jeans remained in the material’s lower layer, which gives a faded look. Acid wash jeans came in different styles including tapered leg, short lengths, and regular. If you’re from the 80s, then you probably have one of these type of jeans.

 acid-wash-jeans-screenshot-1 acid-wash-jeans-screenshot-2 acid-wash-jeans-screenshot-3 acid-wash-jeans-screenshot-4


Parachute Pants
If someone mentions the word “parachute”, probably the first thing comes to your mind would be the object that’s used when you jump out of the plane. But if you grew up during the 80s, then you would probably have another first thing in mind. Parachute pants from the 80s were the style of trousers made out of synthetic material— the ones used to make the parachutes used for flying. The term “parachute” may have referred to the extreme bagginess of the pants. Today, parachute pants still do exist and are still being used by some people. After all, many say that they played a pivotal role in the 80s style.

 parachute-pants-screenshot-1 parachute-pants-screenshot-2 parachute-pants-screenshot-3 parachute-pants-screenshot-4


Leg Warmers
You might be wondering what leg warmers are? Well, just think of thicker-than-the usual and “footless” socks, and you get leg warmers.  As what the definition says, they are coverings for the lower legs, which look like socks, but differ in the ways mentioned above. These garments were originally used by ballet and class dancers to keep their leg muscles warm and prevent cramping. But as time passed by, they generally became part of the fashion trend. They were combined with other 80s fashion garments which include the miniskirts, dresses, jeans, etc.

leg-warmers-screenshot-1 leg-warmers-screenshot-2 leg-warmers-screenshot-3 leg-warmers-screenshot-4


The 80s style has indeed left a mark on the fashion and shoe industry. To this day, some of the clothing, accessories, and other 80s style are still being used by people, especially those who are into fashion. Sooner or later, some of the forgotten fashion from the 80s might some back again, which would give the fashion world a rejuvenated look. After all, it’s not bad to be stylish, especially if it makes you look good.

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