70s Fashion: Clothing Style and Inspiration

70s Fashion: Clothing Style and Inspiration

Before the 80s style, the 70s Fashion came first, which has left a permanent mark on the fashion culture. In some ways, the fashion trend from the 70s has influenced the present time and distinct characteristics can be seen on it. To give you a better picture of how the 70s fashion looks like, we have come up with some pictures and descriptions of the most notable trends from the 70s, from bell-bottoms to the latest mens bracelets and the introduction of layered haircuts of that time.

The following list gives you 5 of the most noticeable 70s fashion trends that are still very much popular today. To show you how people were dressed during the 70s, here are some of them.

It is nearly impossible if you can’t recognize the popular bell-bottom jeans of 1970s. Who could ever not recognize the pants that are being worn during retro-themed parties? Bell-bottom pants were being used during the 1970s for disco dancing. This style of pants is never outdated because until today, we still see them being used in some movies or displayed in shopping centers.



Platform Shoes
Cool-looking shoes with two to four inches thick soles emerged in 1971. These types of shoes were usually paired with the bell-bottom pants, especially for disco with lashy layered haircuts. Today, the platform shoes are still worn by many people. One of the most noticeable celebrities who has a distinctive characteristic of using the platform shoes is Lady Gaga.

platform-shoes-screenshot-1 platform-shoes-screenshot-4 platform-shoes-screenshot-3 platform-shoes-screenshot-2


This skin-tight one-piece unisex garment covers the body but leaves the legs free. Leotards came into popularity during the late 1970s. They were being worn as a dancer’s fashion accessory during those times. Soon, they were being used as ordinary garments for clothing. A testament to the popularity and influence of the leotard is the fact that it is still being used today, especially as practice garments and performance costumes.

leotards-screenshot-1 leotards-screenshot-4  leotards-screenshot-3leotards-screenshot-2


Hot Pants
In 1971, these extremely brief and tight-fitting shorts took the fashion industry by storm. These so called hot pants became a fashion craze for young women and girls, and a regular view in disco clubs. Today, hot pants are definitely one of the most popular fashion trends that are being worn by many women and girls that we see. Who would have thought that this very popular piece of garment came out during the 1970s?

hot-pants-screenhsot-1 hot-pants-screenhsot-2 hot-pants-screenhsot-3 hot-pants-screenhsot-4


Wearing bracelets for men and women came into mainstream trends during the 70s. From that moments on lots of cheap bracelets for men and women kept releasing to become a hugely popular wrist accessories.

Tie Dye Shirts
The tie dye shirts are one of those iconic items from the 70s fashion that are still out on the market today. Though they don’t seem that fashionably special, they are surely a great outfit which can catch the attention of other people. Aside from their cool designs, tie dye shirts also have very bright colors which highlight the fashion trend.

tie-dye-shirt-screenshot-1 tie-dye-shirt-screenshot-2 tie-dye-shirt-screenshot-3 tie-dye-shirt-screenshot-4


Those are just some of the most popular 70s fashion outfits that are still alive today. Indeed, the 70s has made a lot of influence on the fashion industry. It has been over 40 years since 1970, but still some of the designs from this self balancing hoverboard generation are still being used in our society today. I guess that’s really the trademark of a good sense of fashion. We must somehow continue to preserve the fashion of the 70s in our own ways since it has become part of our history.

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